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8/28/2021 12:41:58 AM

Cannot redeem/claim Share a Glass emblem for 10 VoG carries on Bungie Rewards

TL;DR: Bungie Rewards isn't letting me redeem my Share a Glass emblem, even though I have done 10 carries according to both raidreport and my in-game tracker. After getting my 10th and final carry this week (so the first week of Season of the Lost), I went to the Bungie Rewards website to redeem my emblem. The website shows "Claim triumph or item in game," but there's no such triumph in the game or anything of the sort. I'm not sure if something is wrong and Bungie is accidentally not counting if you finish your carries in a different season, because I saw another report ( of the same issue that also happened after S15 went live.

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