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Editado por faQz1: 7/21/2021 4:13:33 AM

Looking for new clan mates. PS, we are willing to teach and help with raids and gmnf

Hello guardians. This is a call out to all the crayon eating shoulder charging titans, to the Rollie pollie high jumping crack head hunters, and to the float till I die tickle fingers warlocks out there. If your looking for clan that raids and does gm nf on the reg. Look no further. We got yeet titans galore with a sprinkle of warlock novas and a dash hunter invis. We also like to run in crucible as a squad and do our best to steam roll teams. Sometimes it goes well others it goes caca. Haha. Our clan has members across the US. So we always have someone on but different areas can’t play with others as late so here we are looking for like minded guardians to have fun and kill ssavathun with next season or kill atheon again for the ten millionth time. Psn but would be great to gain some members from Xbox and pc once cross play takes affect!!! Looking forward to hunting the hive with you and remember eyes up guardian!!!

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