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12/22/2020 9:25:03 PM

I'm surprised Lumina is NOT META in PvE

Hawkmoon this Hawkmoon that, FUDGE THAT! Let me hype up this bad girl for one second: 1. [b]35%[/b] Damage Buff to you in your allies. That's tied for most if I am correct. Ease of use at 100! Plus you can save this for damages phases. 2. It's accessible to Vets and New Light Players alike. The catalyst is still obtainable and can be done unlike other exotics in the vault thingy. 3. The catalyst is basically steroids. Being masterworked allows it to spawn orbs of power further improving/synergizing your PvE build. 4. We can now apply champion mods which work with exotic primaries all depending on the seasonal artifact. Bless your soul for this one Bungie. (Haters still gonna hate tho lol) I tried looking up some build videos recently but to my surprise there was not too much out there for this one. In my opinion I feel like people tend to focus too much on the guns healing properties. I would argue the healing is the cherry on top. What I value the most is the damage Buff you and your allies. You know what's better than being healed? Clapping the opposition before they clap you, and Lumina has just the thing to help you out. I could get super detailed but just wanted to provide some food for thought more then anything. Great job Bungie!

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