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12/11/2020 7:42:05 PM

MORALE [PC] is looking for PvE and PvP Sweats

Morale is Recruiting: Our Clan is new, and looking for active players who wish to challenges themselves on Destiny. We are a small group of active PvE and PvP sweats looking to build up our numbers. What were looking for is players who like to challenge themselves in PvE (Flawless Raids, Low-Mans, Speedruns), in PvP (Flawless Tickets, Top Fragging), or people who love the game alot and make content around it (i.e. Streamers, Youtubes, SM Influencers, etc.) If you are any of these things, Morale is for you! We are a group of chill, active players who love everything there is about Destiny. If you're any of the things mentioned above and are looking for a group of like-minded people, Morale is for you! We really wanna build something special on Morale. Even if you aren't any of the things listed above Morale still would love have you. Clan Requirements: - Have Discord - Non-toxic - Mic (would be nice for comms) - Active in Destiny If you are at all interested in joining us, reply to this post, PM me, or message the clan leaders on discord (posted below). Retro's (me) Discord: Retro#3622 Jake's (Co-Founder) Discord: Jake#6630 C10's (Admin) Discord: C10H15N#9498

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