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10/8/2020 11:32:55 PM

FORSAKEN DLC MISSING: PC > PC Steam: Forsaken DLC missing after account transfer

Hello everyone, Last November I transferred my Destiny 2 content from to Steam, both on PC. However, my Forsaken DLC that I purchased on appears not to have migrated to Steam. I have tried to trigger the content by visiting the Tangled Shore in game with no success. I have proof of the transaction, as well as the Aces of Spades exotic that can only be acquired with the Forsaken DLC, but Steam does not detect the DLC on my account and prompts me to purchase it again. The account transfer was done on one PC between one and one Steam account, so no cross-saving or multiple platforms have been involved. I am appreciative of anyone who can find a solution to this for me. Thank you.

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