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Exotic Weapon Concept: Armageddon Exotic Heavy Trace Rifle

Exotic Weapon Concepts [b]Exotic Weapon Type:[/b] • Heavy Trace Rifle / Linear Fusion Rifle [b]Name:[/b] • Armageddon [b]Elemental Affinity:[/b] • Chrono Stāsis [b]Intrinsic Trait:[/b] [u](The End)[/u] • Hold Down The Trigger Will Fire A Continuous, & Highly Powered Density Beam. [b]Weapon Statistics:[/b] • Impact: 35 • Range: 70 • Stability: 60 • Reload Speed: 46 • Handling: 33 • Zoom: 25 • Aim Assist: 90 • Recoil Direction: 125 • Rounds Per Minute: 1000 • Charge Time: 1000 • Magazine: 100 • Reserve: 400 [b]Weapon Perks:[/b] • Extended Barrel • Particle Repeater • Disruption Break • Fitted Stock [b]Exotic Catalyst:[/b] [u](Ashes Remain)[/u] • This Weapons Deals More Damage, Based On An Accumulative Amount Of Ammo You Have, In This Weapons Reserves. (Up to a total of 30% more damage on the Initial Shot, if your ammo reserves are full. Lowest at 10% if less than a full clip remains) [b]Sandbox:[/b] PvP: 32 per brick PvP comp: 45 per prick PvE: 73 per brick

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