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Editado por Sir Gideon Ofnir: 4/26/2020 5:15:28 PM
I'm no expert believe me, but my theory is that being flinched as a sniper resets your aim assist, basically re-locking onto a targets head. Speaking of aim assist, it's way to high for a sniper. Why do you think Beloved and Revoker are the most popular snipers? Revoker doesn't have as much aim assist, but being an aggressive frame, can one shot supers and leave someone critically wounded from a body should, in my opinion, not have the lowest zoom magnification of all snipers in the game, along with having a perk that breaks the ammo economy of the game. Come on Bungie really? Did you not learn anything from D1? Beloved's aim assist though, 68 I believe it was. That's pretty high for an Adaptive Frame, that is the kind of aim assist usually found on Rapid Fire Frames. I've used Beloved a few times and aiming slightly above their head just like Chaperone will almost guarantee the headshot. I mean, look at 0:22 on the video, the bullet visibly misses him and passes by his right, but he still dies. Bungie is just introducing more snipers with crazy high aim assist values in the name of "crisp", just look at Eye Of Sol, it would be probably the most overpowered sniper in the game if not for it's zoom factor, 68 aim assist just like Beloved, but comes with Opening Shot for even more bullet magnetism. Bungie needs to chill with Sniper aim assist creep and fix the flinch to either knock the scope away from the target, not towards the head, or make snipers descope when shot at. That's what a sniper is, a weapon to be used at extreme ranges to catch people off guard when coming around a corner, out of range from most other weapons, not a gun you can whip out in like 0.2 seconds and get a kill from like 10 meters while being beamed by a weapon with High Cal rounds. Take an upvote

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