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Editado por Kiro - 13: 4/26/2020 4:48:12 AM
They have alot of options when it comes to nerfing snipers for PvP that would not effect PvE. -Critical damage only de-scopes(cant have just taking damage as this would mess up PvE) - Removed all skill bandwidth forgiveness stats accuracy & aim assist as these are precision 1 shot weapons, the best part is the people that defend snipers say it does nothing. Fine put your money where your mouth is an remove it! -Increase flinch(by a very large margin) -Add sway when scoped -Reduce body shot damage Lets be real though guys the true offenders are Revoker and Beloved. Infinite forgiveness or over 120 aim assist with a proper roll/mods. Pick your poison really, but they are just that poison to PvP.

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