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[LORE] Calus’s Shadows

Simply put, this post will list and describe every known Shadow cast by Calus. For the tale of Calus and the story behind the Shadows, please read my post on [url=]Calus’s Exile and the Shadows[/url] The Shadows are a collection of beings selected by Calus from alien worlds he has conquered or visited during his exile, chosen for unique traits or singular superiority over the rest of their species. Most are warriors, but there are scholars amongst them. Each world conquered by Calus only cast one Shadow, and the Cabal Emperor wished for them to accompany him when the universe ended because he thought of them as he did of himself: special, misunderstood, and godly beings. [b]Valus Nohr[/b], Calus’s best tactician who conquered the Clipse warrior race for him with a single Legion (she lost an arm in the final stretch to take their capital). The greatest Cabal Phalanx of her time. She was the first Shadow and also the last Shadow to perisg on The Day the Shadows Died, killed by Ghaul himself during the attempt on his life. She led the other Shadows and made sure they stayed in line; this resulted in many arguments with Rull as well as nearly trying to kill Sekris because of his never ending questioning of orders. Calus saw her as the last true Cabal, and she followed him because she believed he could restore the Empire. [b]Feltroc, the Skull-Piercer[/b], a Psion of uncanny accuracy with a gun. Was one of the last Shadows to die, killed by neurotoxin released in the air shaft over the engineering deck she was using as a perch during the attempt on Ghaul’s life. She wanted to be on Calus’s Psion Council, but was too valuable as a Shadow. Calus’s gift to her was a battle harness that gave her proportions more similar to the “standard” Cabal soldier and allowed for superior weapon storage and handling, but she liked it because it gave opponents a better shot at her head. She was able to use her telekinetic abilities to slow her breathing and steady her aim. She fought at the Battle for Kaga-Clipse and argued often with Rull, although they respected each other’s love of weapons. [b]Jarus, Ace-Defiant[/b] of the Sindu. Calus’s “Star”, he was gifted a ship named God’s Will and died in the crash after slipping through Ghaul’s blockade and ramming the Immortal with a transport ship occupied by all of the other Shadows. The Sindu lived in gas giants and were master pilots. When Calus arrived they tried fighting the Loyalists off, but their entire fleet of elite pilots (the Ace-Defiants) was destroyed save for Jarus. When the Sindu joined the Loyalists, Calus gave them new ships and incorporated them into his own fleet. The Sindu pilots that escorted the Leviathan and the rest of Calus’s fleet are thought to have been lost during the attempt on Ghaul’s life, seeing how the Leviathan no longer has any other ships accompanying it. [b]Rull, Gun of Kaga Clipse[/b]. Assassinated Iska’al and Moli the Celebrant on a Cabal world (most likely in Torobatl, the capital of their empire) before smiling in Ghaul’s face and dying by his hand. His world and people are dying, but he hopes that Calus will find a way to save them. Calus promised him a warrior’s paradise, and he was killed believing he had found it, making him one of the very few Shadows to have died with Calus’s promise to them fulfilled. The Clipse were once an advanced species that lived peacefully on the moon of Kaga-Clipse, but an alien attack (likely Hive) wiped out their technology, killed everything in the western hemisphere, poisoned the atmosphere, and left a “signal” burned into the asteroids and comets of their solar system. As they began to recover, the marked asteroids started to fall to the surface and seed it with the invading aliens to finish the job. The Clipse took up the ways of war and became elite warriors, so when Calus arrived and invited them to join his Loyalists they naturally refused and were swiftly conquered. In the end they sent their greatest warriors to invade the Leviathan, but only Rull made it to Calus’s throne room, where he then accepted the former Emperor’s offer to become a Shadow in exchange for help defending their world. Calus destroyed the poisoned half of their world and preserved the lives of a precious few of the Clipse so that they could rebuild. He argued often with Nohr and Feltroc due to his grudge for the conquering of his home world, but agrees with Feltroc when it comes to weapons. [b]Sekris, Baron of Shanks[/b], the Eliksni known as a “worlds-burner” that inspired the brutality of a whole generation of mercenaries, including Taniks. He was noticed and called by Calus probably during Saint-14’s crusade after Twilight Gap. Calus promised him power greater than the Traveler’s and death to humanity, neither of which were realized before his death at Ghaul’s hands during the assassination attempt. Sekris was a religious leader due to his connection with technology like Servitors and Shanks, and with this mastery of cybernetics he was able to live much longer than his brethren. He was also the only one who could tell that Calus had a machine body. However, he constantly questioned Calus and every command he was given to the point that Nohr nearly tried to kill him. Sekris was one of the very few who was alive during the golden age of the Eliksni, inspiring a particularly vicious hatred towards humanity for possessing what had once been theirs. Before joining Calus, Sekris was a member of an unknown House that resided at the edge of the solar system where there was no conflict (until Saint ventured out on his Crusade). He also notably survived an encounter with Saint-14 and 5 other Guardians, and even had the opportunity to kill Saint at the cost of his own life. He and Saint spoke shortly before the Titan decided to part ways. But seriously, if this guy is the role model of [i]Taniks the Scarred[/i] of all people, you know he’s the real deal. [b]The Fulminator[/b]. An Arkborn (a being composed of pure electrical energy) who pledged herself to Calus to protect her people from him. His gift to her was freedom, and he gave her an armored shell that allowed her to travel freely outside of the interstellar conduits of her people. Since then Calus has released a handful of other Arkborn from their conduits, including some that we help within the Menagerie of the Leviathan. She died, or dissipated, rather, after releasing all the limiters in her armor and killing scores of Cabal on the way to the bridge of the Immortal. She had Ghaul himself within her grasp in her last moments of consciousness, but couldn’t kill him in time. The Fulminator also interrogated and assassinated Statesman Tha’uul, a minor diplomat who had taken part in the Midnight Coup, which was how Ghaul’s location had been discovered for the assassination attempt to take place. She didn’t understand or care about most things that the other Shadows or even Calus did due to her vastly different culture, but she understood killing. [b]Werner 99-40, Shadow of Frames[/b]. One of the two Emperor’s Advocates alongside Benedict 99-40, we don’t know what it is that sets Werner above his fellow Frames. He bears an old and battered sword from Calus, and the Emperor himself has even spoken directly through Werner to you. [b]Match, Shadow Councilor[/b]. Priest of the Chalice. A Psion who served as an advisor and consultant to Calus as well as a member of the council that commands the Leviathan and all aboard. It is unknown if Match possessed any combat prowess, but being a Psion of high ranking, Match probably had strong psionic abilities. He is known to be able to sense the souls of other beings from rather large distances across space. Match was alive way back when a group of extremely powerful Psions called the God-Thoughts ruled over the species through mass mind enslavement (this was before the Cabal enslaved the Psions). He had believed that every Psion possessed some of the godliness that their rulers did, but this idea challenged the rule of the God-Thoughts so they eradicated his faith from his mind entirely. Despite this, he was somehow able to find belief within himself again after meeting Calus and came to have faith in his new Emperor as well as the spirit of his people. Match safeguarded the Y-goblet, an ancient chalice touched by the spirits and thoughts of the God-Thoughts and generations of Psions, but kept it and its power secret from Calus for a time. When he finally revealed this secret to Calus as the journy to the Sol system began, the Emperor built a temple for Match to worship the Y-goblet and his people within. Match survived until after Calus began allowing Guardians to board the Leviathan, and passed away of natural causes. ____________________________ That’s all. Hope y’all liked it, the Shadows and their history are one of my favorite lore bits in D2. I mean, who wouldn’t love a tale of alien warriors, assassinations, a fat wannabe-god, and impending doom? To read about the Conspirators that the Shadows hunted, check out my post [url=]Ghaul’s Conspirators[/url] For more lore and some fanfiction, check out my [url=]Archive[/url]

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