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7/17/2019 7:17:00 AM

Are we ever going to be able to start forge ignitions from Director?

I know this is a couple seasons past full relevance, but as someone who still does forges, why can’t we just start them through the Director yet? It’s nothing but a pain to have to load into Trostland, ride a sparrow through a few areas, stop for a few loading screens, and walk up to the forge to start matchmaking. I can’t see why this is required, you can still just go to the forge areas in patrol if you want to, but don’t force us to run there to start the ignition. And while we’re at it, let’s stop having us go to Ada before doing a forge ignition for a gun. It’s a pointless trip to the Tower just so she does something and tell you to go do an ignition. It’s nothing but tedious, time consuming, and takes away some fun from the game. This is especially the case on consoles where load times are unbearably long.

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