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4/8/2019 10:44:34 PM

SERIOUSLY?! 15%?!?!?!

So if yall haven’t seen Darkside Royalty Lore’s new video, it’s a trip. I won’t spoil it but about half way thru he lays some stats on us. Raid completion percentages and stuff like that. But those have been low since VoG so no news there. HOWEVER COMMA why...OH WHY...has only 15 FREAKING PERCENT OF YOU ON XBOX UNLOCKED THE DREAMING CITY?! Now I’m not gonna assume everyone complaining about stuff in this wonderful clustertruck of a game is in that 85%, but it’s gotta be some of ya. So please for the love of our lord and saviour Dredgen Hope, finish the easy story content before you complain? Very Respectfully, Your friendly neighborhood Exo: Mithras-0

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