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4/8/2019 11:48:36 PM

Tournament friendly tools, custom match settings: feedback

I ran a tourney last night as kind of a test to see how I might be able to make it stream friendly without screwing up the participants (i.e. triggering radar, movement sounds, accidental targeting/kills [I was acting as ref/cameraman], etc). The tournament itself was REALLY fun, and it was a blast to watch too from the feedback I got. The glaring issue here was, obviously, the lack of tools tailored towards non-participants and the limited option pool in custom matches. It's no secret that Trials was the main streaming success from D1; since we don't have that in D2 (currently), there is definitely room for tournament format play to offer a strong alternative to that experience. Coming from a Quake and FGC background where 1v1 tourneys were very popular, Destiny could easily harness that same mentality and take some inspiration from the fighting game community. I'd like to see the following added for custom matches: - A player controlled free roam camera with adjustable speed to quickly move to and around engagements. - If not that, then radar on/off toggle selectable in match options. - A 'neutral' player option, with an option to not take damage and disabled audio and visual cues (aka sniper glint, footsteps/sprint sound, etc) Most of the issues stemmed from players accidentally killing me (even though I wore the brightest shader possible to try to mitigate that issue lol), and the auto-aim picking up on me if I was close to a player during an engagement. Also, physically I got in the way a couple of times; I had a great view of the action, but my player is still a solid form within the game world so players could run into/bounce off me. What worked well within the parameters of what's available now was when a match started, I'd run to one of the players and shadow them as closely as possible until an engagement and then begin doing the same to whoever won said firefight. This was good because it switched viewpoints often as players fought back and forth and as long as I was relatively decent at mirroring the other player's actions, I could mitigate a good portion of the radar issues. But of course, this was nowhere near ideal. This game definitely has some great potential for streaming/match showcasing, so please consider implementing some good neutral tools for tourney hosts to utilize to help get this game back into the spotlight. Thanks for your consideration.

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