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Editado por Freewheel67: 3/8/2019 4:10:21 AM

Secret room and Lore inside The Reckoning

Anyone else also find the secret stuff in the The Reckoning. If not, here are instructions to find it Collectable 1. Go to The Reckoning 2. When you spawn in the ship, look to your right 3. Walk down the walkway to the room 4. You'll see a structure and to the right of the structure is a collectable Collectable 1. Go back to the walkway and jump down 2. It's very dark down there but there is a another chest underneath the walkway 3. Just walk around till you find the Collectable Collectable 1. Go back to where spawned in and drop down to the floor 2. Next to the walls you'll see some rectangular boxes 3. Near one of those is a collectable These are the only ones I know of currently

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