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10/1/2018 10:41:49 PM

Auto loading Holster needs a fix

Was in gambit, invader (with sleeper) spawns on me. Luckily I have my trusty sins of the past with auto loading holster to quckly swap to and (hopefully) beat him, should be good right? Wrong. Instead of being loaded and ready, I find my rocket launcher empty and thus needing to be reloaded, giving my opponent the complete upperhand to crush my face into tiny bits. Normally this would be fair, but I feel like the perk "AUTO LOADING HOLSTER" should be on my side for this. If I'm choosing to run that out of the many perks, it should do what the name suggests, that (after a few seconds) my weapon should be fully loaded no matter what, otherwise why do I want that perk? In short, bungie please make that perk reload the weapon from picked up amma without having to swap to it. Thank you for reading.

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