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8/9/2018 6:11:06 PM

[PS4] Sith of the Nine [SITH] {Adult, 21+} (Mic Required) {EST} JOIN THE DARK SIDE

[b]Sith of the Nine [SITH] is a PS4 only clan that is looking for ALL types of players. (Must have a mic) Ages 21+[/b] ~ Clan Level 6 ~ [i]- Are you new to Destiny?[/i] We got your back with helpful tips to help you progress. [i]- Grinding Escalation Protocol for gear?[/i] Join us so we can together. [i]- Do you only play the crucible?[/i] We love that, fireteam up and become an unstoppable force. [i]- You like to tackle raids?[/i] We have plenty of clears, join a veteran group and let's knock them out. [i]- You play casually?[/i] Hey let's party chat and talk about whatever, try some new stuff. [i]- Need a solid team for Trials of the Nine?[/i] Let's go flawless. [i]- Need a Nightfall group?[/i] Join some veterans and let's wear those crowns. [i]- But you work most of the day?[/i] Hey so do we, there are more important things to do than play this game so join us whenever you can because it's fun as hell. If you're interested in joining, over 21, and want to play with a chill clan, please apply! If you have any questions leave a comment or send me a message. PSN: Tribute12

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