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9/26/2017 7:27:04 AM

It was this time 3 years ago....

That I would have been waiting in orbit with my regular Fire Team, eagerly waiting to run Vault of Glass. We would be overly hyped about whether one of us would be blessed by RNG to get Praetorian Foil, Corrective Measure, Vex Mythoclast amongst all the other worth while "To Grind For" loot. 3 Weeks into Destiny 2 and what do we have to be over hyped for? Patrols, Nightfalls and a Raid that just gives Glimmer and Tokens (If you're lucky.) In-Game activities that give you Glimmer and Planet Tokens. YAWN. Empty Loot Caches, even after popping a planet scout to find them. Re-Skinned Weapons. Await a DLC that is basically rehashed shit. But alas, the fanboys are still here defending Bungie. [spoiler]I don't need to use the #bait tag do I?[/spoiler]

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