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Destiny 2 Collectors edition No season pass?

I am a (somewhat) proud owner of a copy of destiny collectors edition. Upon opening the collectors editon at release I redeemed what code was provided to me (one single code) in the game case which was destiny pre-ordercontent. I never really payed attention and just assumed I had redeemed the expansions as well. Turns out I was wrong here are on the release date of curse of Osiris and I am DLC-less. I definetly would not have disregarded a code provided so I am confused as to why I do not currently have the DLC. I tried Calling bungie customer service but when transferred to the operator as I don't have a specific extension I am put on hold briefly just to be told "extension is not valid". I'm not sure how I could prove I never redeemed a code for the season pass other than providing proof of purchase of the collector's edition. I already purchased the base game TWICE as there was no midnight release in my region and I wanted to play on release with everyone else. Please tell me I did not somehow get scammed of the season pass that should have been included.

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