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11/21/2017 10:21:26 PM
Threatening the livelihood of someone isn't cool, even if you don't like him. They have a contract with Activision. Do the cosmetics from Eververse really make any difference? There was no loot cooldown until players exploited it with the Lost Sector on Nessus. It would be even worse without it with the Lost Sector on Earth. XP cooldown = who cares? And seriously why do you? You don't want Eververse stuff so the only thing that cooldown does is not allow you to use Eververse as much. Glimmer is pretty much worthless. They could remove it from the game completely and it wouldn't matter. A cap on a useless currency doesn't matter. I like Static Rolls. It's nice not having to deal with people with Felwinters and rangefinder and shot package. Gear stat rerolling is pointless as the stats themselves are largely pointless. Tokens are just visual forms of reputation. What is Xur gonna sell? I'll agree on the power ammo but glimmer is pointless, exotics drop like candy. Yes, lets have faction tokens all the time, oh wait, you hate tokens. Conundrum! Faction Rally week gives a reason to log in. Strike playlists? You mean the's coming back. Crucible playlists were removed because of lengthy matchmaking times. Anything else?

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