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The "Reskin" argument annoys me. Here's my advice to any idiot that supports this stupid argument. Go to a gun store. Ask to see a Glock 19. Once you've looked it over, tested the trigger, grip, and the slide, ask to see a S&W SD. Once you're done with that, ask to see a Springfield XD. They all look pretty much the same, right? Their function is pretty similar too. That's how guns are. They are all reskins of other guns. How many gun shapes do you want in a gun game? Jeez! Now, if you want to make the argument that the guns should have random rolls, I agree. But can we give this reskin BS a rest? Please? It's an unrealistic argument that accomplishes nothing in the end. Edit: This message is to all the idiots who don't seem to understand what I'm saying. This is about fixing the big ___ before we worry about the small ___. I agree that there should be more gun models in the game, but it's not the most pressing issue right now, it's not even in the top 100 most pressing issues. The lack of random rolls is the number one thing that is holding this game back. The inability to choose your Crucible type is probably number 2 (if you like PVP). The fact that there is no reason to continue playing after reaching max power is number 3. And then there are 97 more. Once those are done, maybe we can start talking about adding more weapon models to the game. Can we fix the actual problems with the game before we worry about things that don't matter much? And yes, obviously I didn't make that clear in the OP. My bad. I did make it clear, multiple times, in the comments. Here it is now, for all of you to see, so you don't have to read through tons of comments (Who's lazy now, all of you that didn't want to read the comments but felt it necessary to comment anyway?)

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