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Wise Men Distracted: a PS4 Clan

Firstly, just because it says 'men' in the title doesn't make it a clubhouse for guys only. We accept everyone for their individual worth. Also you don't have to be a god at the game to join us, we have plenty of players willing to cover for you where it's needed. Now that that's out of the way we'll move on! We're inviting you to come chill with us here in WMD for some relaxing conversations and smooth gameplay. You're welcome to post comments and ask questions about the group. [b]TL;DR:[/b] We're 90% casual Sherpas at the ready Weekly Schedule Upcoming Clan Events _________________________________________ Hey there Guardians, thanks for stopping by! Welcome to WMD's recruitment forum. I'll just assume you're all here because you're in search of a new team due to various reasons. Whether it's because you're a fresh player trying to get a foothold or a veteran who's prior mates have long since stopped playing. I'm certain you can find some benefit to joining us. In WMD we do our best as leaders to provide decent info and guides on how to do certain activities. Our Sherpas are also ready and waiting to take you step by step through quests lines you may be having trouble with. We're pretty casual as a whole but we do have a few 'try hards' for those who need things done quickly. Here's a list of our helpers: [b]Mukulu[/b] [i]raids[/i] [b]Grimro17[/b] [i]trials & raids[/i] [b]I_Kill_U_C[/b] [i]trials & raids[/i] [b]Teramort[/b] [i]raids[/i] [b]Gameslayerac130[/b] [i]trials & raids[/i] [b]Shadowwolf538528[/b] [i]raids[/i] (However because there are a lot of you and only a few of us we'd like to ask you to be patient) Our schedule (may vary during Events): [i]Tuesdays[/i]- Nightfalls, strikes [i]Wednesday to Friday[/i]- Raids [i]Saturday to Sunday[/i]- Trials [i]Monday[/i]- make up activities _________________________________________ [b]Click this link to join![/b]: You may need to sign into your PlayStation account. Once you're there request to join. Once you've joined you then have to SET AS PLAYSTATION CLAN!

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