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3/29/2017 9:44:44 PM

Secret boss fight in Cosmodrome, new patrol content

So, first you have to go to the Divide. Then, go to that one old car, then turn right. After that, you should find the cave disguised as a car. In the cave, you should find a chest with an exotic engram, and the item you need for the Ultima Blade quest. Further in the cave, Ganondorf spawns. Kill him to get a 1 hour time boost to speed up your builders. There should be a small crevice you can follow to fight Darth Vader. [spoiler]he is your father[/spoiler] After defeating him, a secret door will open that will allow you to fight the final boss. If you do it a certain way, you can unlock a cave on the moon allowing you to fight Krato and become the god of war. Once you become the God of War though, you need to head to Venus with your prettiest shader and armor, because Venus is the goddess of beauty, then go to a statue and throw at sticky on it. This will lead to a boss fight with TheLegend27, look out for his butt kicking move, that will end with another exotic engram, that when decoded will give you a Moogle and a Chocobo speeder. The speeder has a top speed of 170, and a defense of infinite. This will also unlock PlayStation exclusives on Xbox.

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