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11/4/2016 4:05:04 AM

Grindianz (xbox) We are Grindianz. we are Guardians that grind every aspect of Destiny. we are forming a community of Gamers like ourselves.  it's OK if you are in a clan and if you choose to represent us that's a plus. we also have a Facebook page that we form parties and schedule raids for everyone. We grind: Nightfall End game raids Prison of elders bounties Crucible Forge strikes Trials We are here to help you become a better guardian in destiny. (Rules of Grindianz) 18+ only (No Kiddies) Must have a Headset be cool with other members show respect toward one another don't be a whiner. no self entitlement (don't be angry if someone can't help you right away, you'll get your turn) no promoting of other destiny groups (gaming groups are OK. you are allowed one gaming group per week to promote on our Facebook page no spamming on our Facebook page of activities you want to do. (use group search to see if someone else is looking for the same activity. there will be no offering money for help allowed. (people get burned that way and we will not be held responsible) Be active and most importantly Must be Light 385 to join and and one of the following Raid (Hard) Emblem or Trials light house Emblem. Grindianz is what YOU make it

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