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A Couple of Funtages

[url][/url] [url][/url] I'm not usually one to do this, but I thought I'd share these here if anyone wants to check them out. I've made two "funtages" with a variety of gaming clips. Check them out if you want and let me know what you think! Games include: Halo: MCC Halo 5 CoD: AW CoD: Blops 3 Smite Star Wars: Battlefront Gear of War: UE Lego Batman 3 (Seriously) Shadow of Mordor Rise of the Tomb Raider Fallout 4 And more! These are just clips of moments I've enjoyed. Some might only be funny to me, but feel free to check it out. I'm not hunting for likes or subscribes. Just though I'd share. If anyone else has anything like this or cool clips, show them off here and I'll check them out!

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