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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Can we get the other voice casts in the game as options, pretty please?

I've been thinking about back then when that commercial became popular. Much like last time, it has led to me searching for clips of the Japanese version of the game. I'm especially interested in hearing Lord Shaxx now that The Taken King is out. Hell Oryx would be great as well. --------As you can imagine this isn't particularly easy, I've only found a small portion of it. Maybe my internet skills are bad but my efforts aren't yielding much. So here I am being a bit of a beggar. I'd really like for the option to switch languages for the dialogue, even if that flips the language completely. Though of course having the spoken dialogue and the text be separate options is ideal. Just so I'm not misunderstood somehow, I'm not saying the English cast isn't good enough or what have you. I'm simply interested in flipping the languages from time to time. As well as that I just appreciate voice work despite what language it may be. Though yes the Japanese version is the one in particular I'm interested in. I do watch anime, and appreciate how seriously they take voice acting. I get that it's a pretty small priority thing, but it would be greatly appreciated. Not sure how the rest of you feel about it, but I'm not far from being maximum weeb as well so I need it. Also I've left some links and info I've gathered in a spoiler. If you like, feel free to link me too some other voice work and I'll add it. Also also please notice me Senpai. [spoiler] Cinematic for The Dark Below, channel doesn't contain much more than that in terms of voice acting. Not much here, but it does have some Variks at the end. Sadly it doesn't last long. The channel contains some more but nothing further than The House of Wolves. A vanilla destiny cinematic in Japanese. In the comments the up-loader explains that you need to make an account in the language you want to get the voice acting. Good to know but also inconvenient because you have to make a new account, and re-download the game I believe.[/spoiler]

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