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10/15/2015 11:12:34 AM

I just don't get it...

All right forums I need your help...Recently I was wanting to use my hawkmoon in crucible for IB. Unfortunately, for some stupid reason, any attempt at shooting directly at someone is near impossible unless I stand still like a statue, judge wind speed, and read my newspaper before it finally decides to hit its target. I get it, we don't want OP handcannons to dominate crucible BUT COME ON! I'm sitting here missing shots that I had no problem hitting before 2.0.1. WHAT HAPPENED? There are no notes implying that handcannons have their snapshot aiming reduced at all... I mean it is just unbearable, my Suros PDX-41 can hip-fire better shots than my hawkmoon can land aiming down sights. I'm just so done with this...I had the same issue with Imprecation when firing for headshots for that dumb quest. I know it sounds like a "you can't aim stupid" issue, but when you have no problem destroying people with pulse rifles and Hawkmoon can't even land body shots right in front of it...I have this to say: Then what is the point of Handcannons anymore but to mock them... Whatever stupid glitch this is I hope it gets fixed soon...Otherwise I'm dropping this game, like how this game is dropping everything fun in it...

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