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Walkthrough: Crota's End

It's come to my attention that, for various reasons, some of you have never done a raid. I wasn't able to find up to date videos on it so I figured I'd try to write it out for you guys. I'm not entirely an expert on the matter, but I've run through it enough times to be able to explain the key points to you all. Step 1: Construction At the beginning of the raid you'll head north towards the edge of a cliff. Just before the edge is a large green circle on the ground. Stand/sit/dance in place inside the circle to activate the bridge making process. (You don't have to stay in the circle once the bridge starts forming) Once the bridge has been made you'll make your way to a hole at the end. Jump into it. Step 2: Lantern Chaser Depending on your Class/Level the difficulty of this part will vary Once you've made it into The Dark Below™ you'll notice an indication for the amount of darkness weighing you down. (Max 10x.) The name of the game is to let the lanterns guide you to the end. (It'll take you a few times to remember where each lamp is, but they are pretty easy to spot even if it's your first time.) •Note- If you are looking forward at the first lantern head towards the left until you hit a wall. Follow the wall until you reach a doorway with an orange/yellowish light above it. In there should be a chest with ascended material inside. (Head back to start point) Hunters have it easiest with this due to invisibility, but the general rule for all classes is to run through the darkness as fast as possible. Only stop at a lamp to take 2(3max) weights of darkness from your character. If you stay too long at a lamp one of two things will happen: 1. You'll die from hordes of thralls :D OR 2. Your lamp will explode...and you'll die. WARNING: pay close attention to the floor because you'll find numerous pits where thralls spawn from. Don't fall into those, obviously. You'll know you made it to the last lantern once you see yet another glowing circle on the floor. Step on this and instantly jump onto the nearest rock so to not have your booty taken by thralls. It's at this point you'll pull out your majestic super snooper-blooper(sniper) and proceed to eradicate a certain ogre from existence. Once the bridge has been built you'll see a light at the end of your tunnel. Run to the rewards that await you on the other side. Step 3: Construction ext. This is another bridge building exercise. It's for those of us with a master's degree in architect! Once you're ready to start construction you'll step into one of three glowing circles – one to the left, one in the center, and one on the right. Self-res Warlocks are the best for this part. Ideally there should be at least 2 warlocks in your group. The object of this part is to get everyone across the bridge whilst fighting off hordes of enemies that want your butt, I mean light. If you don't have any warlock users in your team you either need to make one or find new friends. (Kidding) it's just slightly harder to do without them is all. With Warlocks- Build bridge so one person may get across. Kill the Hive Swordbearer and have an Invis-hunter (preferred) cross the bridge with the newfound sword in hand. Everyone BUT that ONE player will proceed to take their cyanide pills and off themselves. Wait for all the enemies on the starting side to disappear before having the warlocks cheat death with Radiance. After they revive themselves another Swordbearer will spawn. Jump on to a rock so he can't harm you. You will then find that there are two more ogres on the other side where the hunter should be. (They probably want revenge for their son you killed earlier) Four words – majestic super snooper-blooper. After reuniting the ogre family in the afterlife you'll receive your rewards for this round. Everyone else will be revived and you'll have to build the bridge again so everyone can cross over. Without Warlocks- You'll break of into teams depending on how many players are with you. 6 = teams of 2 5 = strongest stays alone 4 = read above 3 = watch your glow-circles 2 = read above but slightly harder 1 = obviously a badass Now, let's say you've got a full team because you're not currently at that badass level..yet. What you want to do is decide your 2man teams and step on a circle. Build the bridge and kill the Swordbearer. Have the strongest player take the sword (invis-Hunter is preferred) and he will either wait for the second player to cross or start to kill the ogres. Repeat the Bridge/Swordbearer process until there's one person left on the starting side. Hopefully by now no one has died and/or the ogres are both dead. The others build a bridge for the last person and they walk across. Step 4: Indiana Jones Chest You are now in a long corridor. There's a chest at the end with treasure that will BLOW YOUR MIND. However, in between you and said chest are hundreds if not thousands of thralls. On top of thralls you've now got 2 shriekers to deal with. Again invis-hunters are AMAZING for this. Try your best to have one/two person breeze through everything whilst the others rocket the shriekers. You don't really need to worry too much about the thralls. Their only purpose is to slow you down enough so the chest door closes. of two things happened. You succeeded, obtained the chest, and everyone gets ascended material. OR You failed and everyone you know and love is either dead or severely disappointed in you. Step 5: Witches Get Stitches As of right now you're in a large room surrounded by bones of your fallen brethren. You've come here to avenge them and lay their spirits to rest. First things first, you'll split into teams of three. The two teams will split to go left and right. There are two wizards, one on either side that must be killed. Amongst the wizards and Knights there are also two shriekers that need to die before you can go in and kill the final Wizard. Once the last wizard is dead enemies will disappear and you'll have a moment to breath. •Note- There is a heavy ammo glitch at this point you can do by wasting all of your primary ammo and current heavy ammo. You then start the rest of the mission and each enemy killed by your special weapon will drop both heavy and primary ammo! Step 6: Son of Oryx You'll need a Titan(blessed bubble) and an adept Hunter(Invis) for this part. (I've not seen it done without them) This part is pretty easy and there are multiple ways of dealing with some of the ailments placed on you by Crota. However these are the general rules for this EASY part: 1. Have all players hug the black glowing rock in the center. 2. Kill every red-bar enemy and then use your super on the yellow-bars to drop orbs for the Titan. 3. Walk outside as a group a the platform opposite of the the glass to the room you were just in. 4. Kill the Swordbearer 5. Have the Hunter take the sword and the Titan set up an escape bubble. 6. The Hunter will call out, and when they're ready the 4 remaining players will launch rockets at Crota taking down his over shield and weakening him long enough for the Hunter to get a few strikes in with the sword. 7. Hunter will melee Crota and go invisible with blink strike. 8. Hunter will run toward bubble and rendezvous with the other players out of sight at the now active Crota. 9. Repeat 4-8 until Crota needs a bodybag. Rewards: And that is the Crota's End Raid in a nutshell. I hope this helps but honestly none of this will make sense unless you experience it for yourself. Good luck my fellow guardians! –WMD

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