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6/19/2015 4:23:46 PM

Nerf Gjallarhorn

Bungie has said from the get go that they did not want one weapon to be that go to weapon for all scenarios, but yet they have let Gjallarhorn be that one weapon that pretty much defines the whole game. I'm tired of these adult-children talking down on my children, cursing at them, kicking them from fireteams, etc. just because they don't have this stupid weapon. If Bungie really wants to achieve their objective of not making a single weapon special above all else, then they should nerf this abomination of a weapon, so that everyone will be on the same footing. Thank you. -If you wish to feel special by commenting negatively on this post, then by all means have at it, but I will say this, grow up. I love this game as much as others, and I will continue to play for a while. This is not a rant, it is my opinion and suggestion.-

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