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Editado por possiblekillerx: 6/13/2015 10:17:51 PM

It's time to nerf Gjallarhorn. (IT'S NERFIN' TIME)

As I'm sure you're well aware, Bungie Team, the Gjallarhorn is overpowered. So much, that if you were to check the heavy slot of every Guardian who owns one, you'll find that weapon remains there permanently. Gjallarhorn has no equal - not even Truth with Void Burn, or Thunderlord with Arc. This is a major balance issue in terms of what people are willing to use. Guardians without Gjallarhorn beg only for it in their possession. Guardians [u]with[/u] Gjallarhorn will only ever use it, depriving them of enjoying [b]any other weapon you ever create.[/b] Take my advice. Nerf Gjallarhorn and its Wolfpack Rounds, then let Xûr sell it. It will be but a mere consolation prize, but at least all Guardian would have the chance at owning it. This would make a lot of people happy because it is the most sought after weapon in Destiny and will remain so until and possibly even after this nerf. Do the right thing. Stop catering to the spoiled and the lucky. Nerf Gjallarhorn the way we all know it needs it and be done with it. I speak for everyone who's ever owned the Gjallarhorn and triumphed so easily over something that was supposed to be a challenge. Give us our challenge back. That's my challenge to you. Edit 1: GUYS. I HAVE THE GJALLARHORN. [u]that's how I was able to perform my own [b]personal[/b], [i]extensive[/i] testing on dregs in patrol to figure out I didn't even need my primaries anymore to handle all of my patrol missions COMPLETELY SOLO.[/u] GET OVER IT. THE SECRET IS OUT. GJALLARHORN [u][i][b]WILL BE NERFED.[/b][/i][/u] Edited for clarity.

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