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6/11/2015 6:03:20 PM

Gulrot underwhelming?

It was a decent fight but I felt like the battle with Gulrot was pretty bland. The slowness ability honestly felt a bit childish, he basically throws up on you and stops you from moving. It's not a terrible idea but it was kind of useless, you could just hide behind something whenever he used it and you'd be fine, there wasn't an real strategy to bring him down and that's what I like about the other PoE bosses. It would have been interesting to have to do something to get rid of the slowness, maybe killing a worm keeper could drop an antidote that you had to pass round your team to free them or something. Just felt a bit boring, more in line with the old strike bosses. Mind you, with all the noobs complaining about how "Impossible" Qodron was these past two weeks can't say I'm all that surprised this week's boss was a piece of cake. What do the people here think?

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