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5/15/2015 2:38:27 AM

PS 4 HoW Giveaway: Crucible Competition

[b]PS4 Crucible Competition[/b] Post below if you would like to participate in the competition. PsN Cuduni will contact you after you post here (Do not contact over PsN. We will contact you) [b]Reward[/b]: Top scorer using our scoring system will get the choice of HoW expansion or a gift card (Gift card will not be the same value) [b]The Competition[/b] Competition will be on May 15-16. Central time zone. Here is the information: [b]Game Rule[/b]s: Control game type. Post below and we will contact you with information in regards to the competition. You will be contacted to join a fireteam and participate in the event. We will go in order of the posts. First come first serve... Once you are added Cuduni will contact you via psn. Then once we are available we will add you to the party. Three matches will be played and your top two scores will be counted for the competition. Scoring: (We are looking for TEAM players) Points are scored for the following +2 Per Kill +1 Assist + 1 Capture +4 Win -1 Death [b]Why?[/b] We are trying to expand our clans team and alliances (Players looking for other crucible players) for great team players in the crucible. Our clan will have further competitions and rewards like this in the future.... If you would like to join our clan PsN Cuduni. [b]FAQ[/b] Why do you not base it off of score? We DONT want shotgun Steven running out getting 24 kills and 28 deaths... If harass us we have the right to block and disqualify you. You can be disqualified from the following: Constant YELLING on the microphone, not following bungie's rules (Lag switching), being a bad sport... Obscene Leaders can not win the competition. It has to be an outside winner this time. (Next competitions will be clan only)

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