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6/19/2024 12:04:50 AM

I bought Witch Queen at launch. Now tells me I don't own Witch Queen.

I bought The Witch Queen on Playstation back when it first came out. I did the campaign and a few quests. I came back to the game today on Steam to play Final Shape. I merged the accounts, moving my Playstation characters to Steam. There it had a checklist of owned content, where Witch Queen was checked off as owned. But now after booting up the game it tells me that I don't own Witch Queen, and cannot interact with any of the related content. Everything else seems to have ported over fine. I still have access to all my Witch Queen weapons and armor. Even the map of the Throne World says that I've completed the lost sectors, so it recognizes that I've been there. It just won't let me back in. What can I do to fix this?

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