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6/15/2024 1:53:20 AM

Pathfinder is a questionable replacement for bounties and vendor challenges

As it is stated in TWID for 05/23/24, one of the goals of the Pathfinder is to give players more "agency" over how they get their rewards. Before I could engage with any playlist I want to get my reward, now I still need to play a certain way to complete a node, and to add insult to injury, I also need to play a specific activity to actually get the reward. At the time when I'm writing this, 2 tier 5 nodes are Crucible ability kills and Gambit motes banked. There are multiple issues with those 2 challenges: * Gambit objective is bugged, as far as I can see in multiple reports on the forum. * There's no way to complete the Pathfinder with only 1 playlist, as could be done before. * The Crucible objective is in percent instead of just a number that I can see and understand, so I need to figure out on my own how much every action progresses the node. As a destination reward source, Pathfinder feels right at home and much better than a destination bounties, hope we would see something like that brought to the old planets, even though I know that old content rarely gets any kind of major system updates. As a ritual reward source, we have the same bounties in separate interface that you don't need to pick up anymore, but they're unified, give less bright dust than before (if you try to farm it the same way as vendor bounties and weekly challenges), still require you to play a certain way, have no clear way to see how many times you need to do a certain action for some nodes, force you to play all the playlists or at least 2 to even get the main reward. As far as I know, Gambit is the least popular playlist that rarely gets updated. Crucible is a PvP playlist, and, let's just say, if you like it - good for you, but Crucible activities take about 8% to 10% of the player base according to external monitoring tools like, so it's harder to find players AND it's a PvP mode in mostly PvE game, add to it the requirement to kill players with certain abilities or weapons, or have some kind of debuffs when killed - and it's just not fun, especially when other players just play meta. We've been told multiple times with different changes that we could play what we want in terms of ritual activities, and every time we're forced to play either an abandoned playlist like Gambit or a PvP playlist like Crucible (and maybe specific targets like Competitive and Trials playlists in Crucible) in mostly PvE game. If someone just wants to say that I'm PvP noob who doesn't want to play Crucible - you can look up my stats anytime, I'm about average and can enjoy PvP, but only if I'm not forced to "defeat opponents by making them volatile with Void" or some stuff like that. And let's not start about Gambit...

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