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Editado por Sohelanthropus: 6/16/2024 8:23:38 AM

Titan worst class now, genuinely tired of the same supers and of everything revolving around melees

This is more of a rant, but man am I really sick, tired and annoyed at how we Titans always seem to get the short end of the stick here Prismatic Titan only has 1 damn viable build, and that is the consecration spam one with Synthos; oh yeah, Synthos, the only viable exotic for Titans ever since Year 1, that has been nerfed 3 times already because "it's too powerful" when Bungie has refused to buff the other 95% of the lame exotics that oh, most of them also revolve around a melee gimmick... oh right! The melees, most Titan melees require you to either run, jump, charge or go through a 3rd person animation (frenzied blade, shiver strike), and most of the melees are straight up trash and very risky to pull off at true endgame content (GMs, Master Raids), why don't we have a simple normal melee lik we used to have with Defensive Strike, Mortar Blast, Frontal Assault? Or a ranged melee that actually does something, not that lame excuse that is throwing shield Also, the Supers... man, why are all Supers roaming but with different color? All Titan supers are literally the same besides Ward of Dawn and Tcrash (Tcrash has been powercrept so hard btw); Sentinel Shield is trash, FoH are trash, hammers are trash without Sol Invictus, Burning Maul is trash without Pyrogales, Glacial Quake is good, but still a damn roaming super, Blade fury good, but it's still a roaming super — Twilight Arsenal while fun, does nothing to push Titans to the role they should really be playing which is to be a tank of sorts Titans need more tank and support supers, enough of the roaming ones, or at least give us an actual burst super like GG or Nova Bomb Cut it with this weird stigma of "oh me Titan me punch", enough of that, it's a boring old joke that has sadly crawled its way into how Bungie develops the whole class Also, why tf does flashbang, supressor and the prismatic nade have an insanely long bounce??? It used to be way smaller, now that shii bounces like 15 meters away from where you threw it, please revert it Edit: didn't mention at how Titans are by far the worst class at dmg rotations, we don't have anything to reload our weapons like Rain of Fire, Dance machines, Withering Blade with Impetus, etc — why do you think Titans were the least used class on SE's day 1? The only thing we still have going for us us Banner of War, which was nerfed (rightfully so, that thing I agree was busted) but just watch at how Bungie nerfs it an Synthos again because that's all we use at endgame. It's not because Synthos are broken, it's because all other Exotics are trash or super gimmicky.

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