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6/9/2024 2:08:03 AM

Guardians From D1 to D2

I played almost all of D1 for years(2014-2016) then took a break on my xbox account up until a few days ago when I downloaded D2 and all of its expansions and content to play the final shape. When I logged in, I was expecting to see my Guardians still there with the old legacy gear(mostly because I played some D2 on my Fiances account around the time stasis came out and she had all her old gear, but was still stuck at 300 light) but I didnt see any of my D1 guardians. After watching the D2 opening theatrics, and seeing all my completed history, I was taken to the character creation page... I checked the D2 android app, it has my account info from D1, but no guardians exist. Am I doing something wrong here? I thought there was a full character migration on august 1, 2017?? I logged into my fiances account today and her account still has all of her old gear. Please help, as this will probably be a deciding factor on if I rejoin the D2 community or not. **I downloaded D1 and my guardians are still showing to be there, but not on D2**

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