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Editado por Meatbaag: 5/21/2024 9:39:00 PM

Warlords Ruin is fun... but

Where are the weapon drops? Me and a close friend two manned it today, first time for both of us and we had fun figuring things out and we were keen to try any new gear out. That is if any weapons actually dropped. Two full runs from fresh resulted in a single weapon drop, I have 6 new pairs of trousers though 🤔 Something needs to be done about armour drops in this game, 100% of armour I'm receiving is deleted. Update: 3rd run was all armour including two helmets from final chest. 4th run yielded 2 weapons. Bow and Sidearm, terrible perks but it was actually nice to try them out, that Sidearm has some potential so I'm hoping to get more of these.

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