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4/23/2024 11:46:20 PM

[ALL PLATFORMS][21+][NA] Fulfill all your Destiny desires during Season of the Wish!

Greetings Guardians, [b]The Queen's Fury[/b] is recruiting once more! We are a clan whose sole purpose is to help both Little Lights and Veterans with whatever they need and are looking for others who enjoy doing the same. We welcome any and everyone who is interested in joining! [b][u]About Us:[/u][/b] Our clan is about unity and everyone is treated with kindness, respect, and as family. We help in all things PvP and PvE/Endgame content. Those who are a part of our clan are active, patient, and help when they can. Inactivity purges occur as needed and warnings are given in advance. We play to have fun and are looking for like-minded Guardians. We are always willing to teach anything that someone hasn't done and do not judge based on a person's stats, whether they're a New Light, how many clears they have, etc. Have you never completed a raid, dungeon, Legend activity, or earned a title/seal but have always wanted to? Come join us! We are currently PvE/Endgame focused. *[b]Our main time zones at the moment are: EST, CST, and MT.[/b]* [b] ————————————————————————————————————[/b] [u][b]Requirements to join:[/b][/u] [quote]•[b] Join our discord, it is MANDATORY[/b] • [b] Be active in-game[/b] • [b]Socialize in discord[/b] • [b]Register with Charlemagne[/b] • [b]Be helpful[/b] • [b]Be respectful[/b] •[b] Don't bring or cause any drama[/b][/quote] [b]————————————————————————————————————[/b] [b][u]How to join:[/b][/u] ⭐ Upvote this post by clicking the ^ arrow ⭐ Comment below ⭐ Read our rules within the discord and assign yourself roles ⭐ Our discord link will be in the clan chat Server boosts are also welcome and greatly appreciated! **[u][i]Note: All members have 48 hours after accepting their invite to join our discord or will otherwise be removed.[/i][/u]** Direct clan link: If you have any questions, message me on discord ([b][i]madzillaa[/i][/b]) and I will get back to you ASAP.

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