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Here is your Weekly Reset info for 11th May. Here is a link if you wish to support my Destiny Instagram page and post: My Weekly Reset Discord Bot is now live, message me for the link. Featured this week: 💠 Season Of The Splicer Begins 💠 Intro Mission 💠 Override on Europa 💠 The Endless Night Begins This Week’s Lost Sector Rotation: 💠 Legendary Lost Sector Rotation and Exotic Reward (If Solo): ROTATION HAS CHANGED, WILL UPDATE ASAP 💠 Master Lost Sector Rotation and Exotic Reward (If Solo): ROTATION HAS CHANGED, WILL UPDATE ASAP This Week’s Europa Info: 💠 Eclipsed Zone - Asterion Abyss 💠 Empire Hunt - Warrior 💠 Scanner Augment - Vex Sectors 💠 Exo Challenge - Agility This Week’s Dreaming City Info: 💠 Curse Week - Medium Curse 💠 Weekly Mission - Oracle Engine 💠 Ascendant Challenge - Spine Of Keres (Shattered Ruins) 💠 Blind Well Boss - Hive Ogre This Week’s Moon Info: 💠 Nightmare Hunts and Time Trial: Ghaul (Rage) - 9 Minute Time Trial Taniks (Isolation) - 7 Minute Time Trial Zydron (Servitude) - 12 Minute Time Trial 💠 Patrol Nightmare - Nightmare Of Xortal (Sorrow’s Harbour) 💠 Trove Guardian Location - Anchor Of Light 💠 Altars of Sorrow Rotation: Tuesday 11th May - Heretic Wednesday 12th May - Blasphemer Thursday 13th May - Apostate Friday 14th May - Heretic Saturday 15th May - Blasphemer Sunday 16th May - Apostate Monday 17th May - Heretic This Week’s Crucible Playlists: 💠 Elimination, Rumble, Control and Team Scorched 💠 Trials Of Osiris - Friday Reset to Tuesday Reset This Week’s Vanguard Info: 💠 Singe - 💠 Nightfall, The Ordeal - Glassway 💠 Weekly Nightfall Weapon - TBA This Week’s Raid Challenges: 💠 Last Wish Challenge - Strength Of Memory (Riven Encounter) 💠 Garden of Salvation Challenge - 0-100 (Sanctified Mind Encounter) 💠 Deep Stone Crypt - Copies Of Copies (Atraks-1 Encounter)

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