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10/22/2020 12:17:06 AM

[PC][NA]Touched by a SIVA offers a ~join raid loot~ friendly clan looking for laid back players for challenges and end game activities

[b]Who we are, what do we offer?[/b] We are a PC only clan that wanted to create an enjoyable and fun experience by gathering a community of friendly, easygoing guardians to play together and conquer Destiny together. Everyone has a life outside of Destiny, so we are not rigorous with activity checks or if you get interested in another game! Our goal is to create a tight knit community of players who enjoy playing together and achieving great things together. If this interests you continue reading below, and follow steps in [b]How to Join[/b] to apply! Accepting complete applications only. [b]What we're looking for?[/b] We are seeking ambitious guardians to conquer endgame activities together -- this means Raids, Challenges, and PvP. We are active weekdays 6pm Pacific to 10pm Pacific, and on weekends, all bets are off! • Raid challenges? Hell yes • Master Nightmare Hunts? Fo’ sho! • Dungeon challenges? You bet! • Complete Bungie Triumphs? Awwyeahhh! • Complete TBAS Clan Challenges? Absolutely • Stomp opponents in Crucible? Without question • Pinnacle grind together so you don’t claw your eyeballs out? We are here for you • The list grows with each new season In addition to completing the toughest content Bungie has to offer, we also pride ourselves in helping each other learn the game, and play the game. You absolutely do not need to be active 24/7, you absolutely do not need to be at a minimum power level, you absolutely do not need 500 raid clears. We are happy to sherpa guardians through raids. Come hungry for fun and challenges, and let’s play together! Join our community on Discord and get to know the Clan. Don't be toxic, don't be offensive, don't be obnoxious. [b]How to join?[/b] Complete all four steps below to join. Accepting complete applications only. 1. Upvote this post 2. Comment below about your favorite Destiny memory or what you're looking forward to the most! 3. Apply to the clan at 4. Join Discord:

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