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[u][b]About Us:[/b][/u] [quote] Welcome, one and all, to [b]DREΔMERS OF THE ΔBYSS[/b]! A ragtag team of strangers turned friends! We aim to become harbingers of knowledge to both veteran and new-light players alike. As such, you are expected to be both a teacher and a student. This means our doors are always open to new recruits, so don’t be scared if we’re at capacity. With enough hands new clans can always be forged! [b]Server Perks:[/b] ● A whopping [b]700+[/b] active guardians to play with! ● We are a [b]LGBTQ+[/b] friendly community! ● Organized [b]LFG[/b] channels for [b]PvE[/b] and [b]PvP[/b] content. ● [b]Leveling[/b] system for server participation: ● Unique roles to [b]customize[/b] your discord profile. ● [b]Charlemagne[/b] bot to help you keep track of the changing meta. ● [b]Rythm[/b] bot to play chill music while you grind that season pass. [/quote] [u][b]How to Join:[/b][/u] [quote] ● [b]Please, please, please! Upvote this thread :)[/b] ● Regardless of age you must act like an [b]adult[/b]. ● Clan membership is open only to [b]PC[/b] players. ● [b]Join our discord:[/b] [/quote] [u][b]Our Beautiful Clans:[/b][/u] [quote] [b]Note:[/b] Some clans might be full, so double check before joining! ● STΔSIS: [b]open[/b] : ● SINGULΔRITY: [b]open[/b] : ● LUNΔR: [b]open[/b] : ● IMΔGINE: [b]open[/b] : ● VΞRMILION: [b]open[/b] : ● OΔSIS: [b]open[/b]: ● MOMΞNTUM: [b]open[/b]: [b]●●●[/b] [b]●●●[/b] [b]●●●[/b] ● UNDΔUNTED: [b]closed[/b] : ● HYPΞRBOLIC: [b]closed[/b] : ● VERΔCITY: [b]closed[/b] : [/quote]

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