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9/29/2020 4:25:57 PM

Need a bit of advice, opened a ticket for a restriction I received but haven't gotten any help.

Me and 2 clan mates played some comp and experienced severe lag we then called it quits 4 games later as we were reseting our internet and ps4's to try and solve it but to no avail. The very next day I logged and saw I have a ban. I already logged a ticket but it's been 2 weeks. My bud who also got a ban but bungie had it sorted within a day and we got a restrictionat the same time. Looking for some advice on what I can do to try and get them to listen so that the restriction can be lifted as I'm missing out on all events related to pvp, especially iron banner. I'm a pvp player so it sucks to have this happen and to have it not sorted quickly, I've already preordered my collectors edition Beyond Light but I'll just cancel that and request a refund if this is what I have to deal with as I'll miss out on the first few weeks of the new seasons pvp.

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