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6/2/2020 10:58:23 AM

Exotic Kinetic Hand Cannon: Personal Revenger

Personal Revenger Kinetic Hand Cannon Impact: 50 Range: 80 Stability: 80 Handling: 60 Reload Speed: 40 RPM: 140 Magazine: 9 Best served cold. Or instantly. Intrinsic Perk — Retribution: When an enemy damages you this weapon gains increased damage for a short time. Legendary Trait — Cold Blooded: Precision kills with this weapon against a target who didn’t damage you increases this weapon’s damage for a short time. Legendary Trait — Two Graves: When this weapon gains a damage buff, a timer will begin to countdown which upon reaching zero will deal high damage to you. Having both damage buffs active when the timer ends will not deal damage to you. Exotic Catalyst — Hate Fuelled: Having damage buffs from Retribution and Cold Blooded active simultaneously makes them both last until the Two Graves timer ends. Lore Tab: Best served cold. Or instantly. More artificial intelligence in guns? I’m already a deadeye shot, what more can it do? This bad boy watches you like a crazy overbearing mother — it can’t stand to see you even slightly inconvenienced. So what, it gets angry for me? Consider it your very own personal revenger. It gets mad, it gets the job done... And no, it’s not malware if it’s on your side.

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