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[i]Last Updated: May 21, 2020[/i] With the help of Xbox, we implemented a fix on May 8 for an issue causing elevated levels of WATERCRESS errors after the start of Season of the Worthy. Players affected by this issue were receiving WATERCRESS errors often enough to significantly or completely block their ability to play Destiny 2. We apologize for the inconvenience this issue caused to those players and have issued a grant of 1000 Silver to accounts we identified as having had their ability to play the game significantly or completely blocked. Players may continue to see WATERCRESS errors from time to time as this is an error that can appear whenever there are connection disruptions between Destiny 2 and the platform services. We are continuing to work on future improvements and fixes to ensure that these occasional connection disruptions do not contribute to situations in which gameplay can become partially or fully blocked. If you were previously receiving WATERCRESS errors and are still receiving a significant number of them after May 8, please respond to this post to let us know. Additionally, if you start encountering a significant number of WATERCRESS errors again (or for the first time), please report here, too. [spoiler]Since the beginning of Season of the Worthy, we have observed a significant increase in many error codes, particularly WATERCRESS on Xbox One. WATERCRESS often appears when there are connection issues between Destiny 2 and the platform. As many noticed, on April 23 we [url=]tweeted out[/url] that PlayStation 4 players were experiencing a brief period of platform connectivity issues, which turned out to be the WATERCRESS error code. However, Xbox players are encountering a higher than normal rate of WATERCRESS errors despite there being no Xbox platform outage. The NEWT error code also rose in numbers at the beginning of the season and can show up alongside WATERCRESS, but not always. One of the potential causes of NEWT is a specific type of platform connectivity issue, so it is likely that they are related. As we said on [url=]April 23[/url], we understand everyone’s frustration. We’re frustrated, too. We don't want players to have these issues and we especially don't want them to be unable to play. We have dedicated resources investigating the WATERCRESS issue to track down why it’s occurring and are collaborating with Xbox Support to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. The development team has recently identified some promising leads and are working towards verification. This thread will be our designated main hub about this error code. We will update it when we have any updates to provide, so please look it over when we update it – you’ll know it’s been updated by the change in date in the title and the top of the thread. Below is an error code timeline of events thus far since Season of the Worthy began: [quote]• March 10 – Season of the Worthy launches. The Player Support Team begins seeing a rise in error code reports. • March 11 – An investigation begins for the BEAVER error code. • March 13 – An investigation begins for the ANTEATER and RABBIT error codes. • March 18 – We begin seeing a rise in the WATERCRESS error code and send Destiny 2 account information to Xbox Support to further investigate. • March 19 – [url=]We acknowledge[/url] that we’re investigating ANTEATER, BEAVER, and BEETLE errors. • March 21 – We begin to investigate the WATERCRESS error code with the development teams. • March 24 – Xbox players who had their sessions cleared return to say they are still receiving WATERCRESS. Knowing that clearing player sessions is not resolving the issue, we stop sending player information to Xbox Support. • March 25 – An investigation begins for the WATERCRESS error code. Discussions to check-in with the development team’s investigations begin occurring daily. • April 1 – An investigation begins for the BEETLE error code. • April 1 – More resources are dedicated to the development teams assigned to investigate each error code. Updates are provided daily. • April 2 – We add the WATERCRESS error to our Known Issues [url=]article[/url] and [url=]thread[/url]. • April 2 – [url=]We acknowledge[/url] the WATERCRESS and NEWT errors in our TWaB. • April 5 – [url=]We inform[/url] players that deleting their character to test a theory won’t fix the WATERCRESS error. • April 9 – [url=]We discuss[/url] the BEAVER error code while continuing to investigate WATERCRESS and other error codes. • April 16 – We [url=]provide an update[/url] about the BEETLE error. • April 17 – We send out two tweets ([url=]Tweet 1[/url] and [url=]Tweet 2[/url]) to further acknowledge WATERCRESS and to give an update about the BEETLE error. • April 23 – [url=]We acknowledge[/url] that we have dedicated teams working to resolve WATERCRESS and other error codes. • April 23 – We create a dedicated section for Error Codes in our [url=]Player Support Report[/url]. • April 28 – We send player accounts who are blocked by WATERCRESS to Xbox Support to investigate again. • April 30 – In our [url=]Player Support Report[/url], we announce that we’ll have more information next week. • May 5 – We create this thread for WATERCRESS updates. • May 5 – Xbox Support investigates our list of accounts affected and clears their sessions. Player Support begins noticing reports that players no longer hit this error code. • May 6 – Bungie monitors reports and continues looking at our data to see if this is a temporary fix or not. • May 7 – We announce in the [url=]TWaB[/url] that this thread was created to track the timeline of the Watercress error. • May 8 – We send out a [url=]Tweet [/url]where we announce that we implemented a potential fix with the help of Xbox. We are still monitoring the situation to ensure it's fully resolved. • May 14 – We [url=]acknowledge [/url]and continue to see a decrease in the WATERCRESS error code. • May 20 – We send out a 1000 Silver refund to players who were greatly impacted by the WATERCRESS error code. [/quote][/spoiler]

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