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12/17/2019 5:20:15 PM

[BUG] Leviathan Prestige (If ran first) fails to drop Prestige Emblem.

I have experienced this issue.


I have NOT experienced this issue.


[b]PRIORITY:[/b] Low [b]SUMMARY:[/b] If a player runs Leviathan on Prestige Mode while not having completed Normal mode first, the Prestige Emblem "Glory to the Emperor" will not be part of the final loot chest. [b]CURRENT DATA:[/b] Both Steam and the Bungie API Data can confirm that I've finished the Leviathan Raid only once, starting on Prestige Mode. This is easily visible at the [url=]Braytech Website[/url]. The object [url=]2107367383[/url] still remains locked in the Collection and has never been delivered to the Postmaster. The Emblem Inventory WAS FULL at the time of the loot drop. •([i]Possibly look into Emblems being unlocked in Collections depending on criteria met instead of object collected[/i]) [b]STEPS TAKEN:[/b] [i]•Switched Characters •Verified Integrity of Game Cache •Restarted Destiny •Forced CANARY Restart[/i]

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