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Book: Shadow’s War (page 55) ⚠️

[i]hey guys! This is a page I’ve been ready for, for about 2 years! You all heard the references to it, but here’s the page itself, finally. It was around the time I got this idea that I actually started writing these stories about my guardian. Thank you all for still reading her adventures ❤️ many more to come, now enjoy Shadow’s meltdown and a page I’m very very happy to finally present to you... ps who can find the D1 reference? ;) [/i] Entry (8/10) Music blasts into the hunter's ears. Fireworks explode overhead. Strobe lights flash around her, the air clotted with smoke and confetti.      Maybe if the music was loud enough, the pain would be drowned out, she thought.      Maybe if the drinks were harder, she would forget.      Maybe if the lights were brighter than his eyes, she'd stop seeing them.      Shadow slams down another empty glass on a table nearest to her. Fake smiles, laughter. She's jostled between the bodies of other guardians. She's smiling, but all she can feel is agony. Pure, raw, fierce pain; stabbing through her chest. If her ghost couldn't heal it, maybe the drinks would. She can hear her ghost very very faintly, but she waves him away with an unsteady hand.      Shadow's laughter very slowly transforms into short, panting gasps, amber eyes filled with hot tears. The balcony spins around her, colors beginning to blend together. Were those stars, or lights? She raises a hand to her throbbing head, clenching her jaw.      The tower is utterly filled with Guardians yelling. A nova bomb blasts past her, ruffling her raven-black hair. The three shots of a golden gun send her mind into a downward spiral of memories— shockwaves through her soul. Her heart pounds against her rib cage.    Movement, so much movement, everything spinning, too many drink—      Shadow clenches the railing closest to her and throws up violently over the side of it, emptying all the contents of her stomach into the dark below.      After what feels like hours, she lifts her pounding head, observing the swirl of chaos around her. The bass of the music rocks her insides uncomfortably. She drops the half empty bottle beside her and slowly slides to the glitter covered floor.      Sobs begin to rack the hunter's body, harsh and agonizing. The awoken woman allows her unfocused gaze to rest on the blurred, doubled image of the traveler. Her sobs are drowned out beneath the music and cheering. A moment of clarity slaps Shadow in the face as she stares into the stars— or lights— blazing above her. "I miss you... so much..."      No one notices the lone Hunter in the corner, drowning her sorrows in bottle after bottle... except for one certain exo, who stops in his tracks when he sees her.      "Hey!"      Shadow just barely makes out the word, hardly able to lift her tear stained face. "C.... Cayde?"      "Ohhh boy..." Cayde gets down on one knee, taking in the mess before him, and one very tired ghost (who had probably revived his guardian about 10 times that night).      "Hey, come on..." He tries to speak over the blasting music, but she can barely hear him- only see a swimming image of his yellow mouth lighting and gleaming blue eyes.      "Traveler," she gasps out as Cayde leans in towards her. He pauses as Shadow's hand reaches for him, grabbing his jacket and gripping it like her life depends on it. "It hurts... traveler, it hurts...please...," she hisses out through her drunken state. Her amber eyes have dulled to hardly more than a sickly yellow-brown. The last of Shadows focus seems to swirl away.      "Variks..." she chokes on sobs, tears streaming down her face. "Variks!"      Cayde, his face revealing nothing, gently slides his arms underneath the hunter. "Come on," he mutters, knowing she can't hear him. "Let's get you home." ***      Cayde swears under his breath as he searches for a light switch. Unable to use his hands, he drags his horn along the wall until a click is heard.      The room remains in darkness.      "... Did you not pay your bill!?" With a sigh he fumbles around in the dark. "Never mind," he adds, the only response he gets out of Shadow a muffled groan.      Sundance sends a beam of light strong enough for Cayde to see as he rests Shadow on her couch with a grunt.      "Alright..." He sighs, looking down at her.      After a moment of guiltily trying to decide wether to leave or not, he sits beside her, taking in her make up-streaked face. She's shaking, sweating, her teeth chattering.      Cayde grabs a blanket off the edge of the couch and gently drops it over her.      "C-Cayde..."      Her vanguard stares back at her. "Sober enough to see me?"      Shadow blinks, misery reflected in the depths of her eyes. Pain scores through her heart, and through the clearing haze, she reaches to grab Cayde's hand.      He tilts his head ever so slightly, curious and pitying.      "... Cayde... I miss Variks."      He looks away from her then, squeezing her hand gently. Her eyes stay trained on his metal face. With a racing heart, Shadow finds herself confessing to the last person she thought she would. She takes in a shaking breath.      "I think I'm in love with him."

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