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5/10/2024 10:40:43 AM

[PSN/XBOX/PC] BΣYӨПD: A Global Clan for [PVE/PVP Endgame] Enthusiasts, welcomes chill and friendly folks

[Platform: PSN/XBOX/PC] Clan Name: BΣYӨПD Established: 2017 Focus: PVE/PVP Endgame Community: Global Language: English Introduction: BΣYӨПD is a global clan open to all gamers, dedicated to creating a friendly and fun environment. We value teamwork, dedication, and respect, offering a welcoming community where players can enjoy Destiny while finding a home away from home. Conditions: Zero tolerance for hate speech, harassment, or toxicity. Members' real-life issues are acknowledged and respected. Joining requires participation in our Discord server for clan activities and updates. No sub-clans within the clan; we emphasize mutual support. Members experiencing conflicts or availability concerns can reach out to Administrators; major issues contact the founder. Our Approach: Guides/Practice: Offering guidance and practice sessions for members to achieve their goals in both PVE and PVP. Clan Events/Prizes: Hosting endgame activities, tournaments, and other events with prizes for winners. Alliances/BEYOND Objective: Seeking alliances with like-minded clans to address common challenges such as time zones, inactivity, and clan purpose. Discord/Requirement: Discord membership is mandatory for communication. Active/Clan Improvements: Open to suggestions for both minor and major improvements, focusing on continual enhancement. Outside D2 We don't encourage playing Destiny 24/7 because we don't find it healthy. That's why we also prioritize playing other games. For this, we utilize the Outside D2 channel where discussions about any game are welcome. Naturally, Destiny remains our flagship, but we strive not to become overly dependent on any single game. Join us and be a part of a thriving gaming community that values camaraderie and progress. Together, let's go BEYOND.



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