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postato inizialmente in:Clan Finder
4/12/2024 2:10:18 PM

LFC - 2 NZ PC players looking for an endgame PvE clan

Hello! Two guardians looking for a group to regularly raid with as we can't convince our friends to come back and play lol. Super chill and not very familiar with raids outside of the older ones (Last Wish, and the vaulted ones) so we are looking to learn! I used to sherpa back in Destiny 1 but that was a very long time ago now, and my buddy has been playing with me since the launch on Destiny 2. We have tons of experience with running grandmasters duo also! My raid report: Feel free to dm me on Discord at .rylar or Rylar#7572



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  • You and your friend sound like yall could be a good fit for my clan. But if that NZ is for New Zealand, yall could have trouble signing up for events, not sure though... Xi Morior Invictus iX is recruiting for endgame PvE players. The type that like to grind out raids, dungeons, Grandmaster Nightfalls, etc. We also go for whatever titles/seals there are to acquire in the game as well. Also, if you're a hardcore PvP player but want to start getting in the PvE endgame side, check us out. We are mainly based in the US, however, we do have a handful of people located in the UK/EU timezones as well. We are a cross platform clan, so your system does not matter at all. We have a Discord set up for comms and to set up activities, like raids, dungeon runs, etc. It is required to join the Discord server upon entering the clan, because if you don't, you'll just end up missing out on everything, as where Discord is where all the members chat. We are also a clan that likes to joke around and have fun, so we may end up roasting you/each other, all in fun though. We are a dysfunctional bunch that have lots of laughs together. On top of that, we have an Among Us clan night about every 3 or 4 weeks where it's just a bunch of chaotic fun in Among Us. And several players in the clan are now playing Diablo 4. As well as playing Borderlands 3 together. So we have a small variety in the clan, it's not just Destiny all the time. Quick rundown of some things we do: ⚪grind out raids, and eventually earn the seal dedicated to the raid (ie: Fatebreaker, Disciple-Slayer, Rivensbane, Dream Warrior, etc.) ⚪Sherpa people through raids/Dungeons if need be. We have several members that are always happy to be a teacher/guide. ⚪Run dungeons, for either pinnacles or to farm armor stats or weapon drops. ⚪Focus on gilding Conqueror whenever Grandmaster Nightfalls roll around. ⚪We also play Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris as well. ⚪Peak play times; Monday-Friday: usually 3pm-8pm Est, sometimes later on Friday. Saturday & Sunday: random times throughout both days, sometimes starting at 12pm Est or a tad earlier. ⚪Among Us clan nights where players are very sus and trust is broken. As well as grinding out in Diablo 4. A few even play Call of Duty, whether it's multi-player, Warzone, or Zombies. If you're interested in joining, let me know.



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  • TDE Always Looking For New Members. If Interested Feel Free To Join The Server. We Have Multiple Clans That We Have. We Do Events Daily. Server Open To Everyone. Once You Join Let Us Know You Joining Clan Or Guest. Discord Link: Discord is required to be in Clan. Must join it before getting accepted.



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