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postato inizialmente in:Clan Finder
4/12/2023 5:44:15 PM

[PSN/XBOX/PC] BΣYӨПD a Global clan, [PVE/PVP Endgame] [Discord] [Clan Events/Prizes]

BΣYӨПD FOUNDED IN 2017. Introduction A global clan available for everyone main language (English) We strive to make this an enviorment friendly and fun. We pride ourselves on teamwork, dedication and respect. Welcoming community of fellow gamers who not only want to play Destiny and exist, but also reap the benefits of having somewhere to call home. Conditions 1. We absolutely will not tolerate any form of hate speech harrassment or a toxic gaming enviorment. 2. We Acknowledge real life issues or other important stuff happening we’ll give member their time. 3. Joining the clan requires you to join our discord server. there for you won't miss out on clan activity's changes and other. 4. no sub clan within the clan everyone should help everyone 5. Having issues with other members, conern about your own availability whatsoever contact The Consensus or the Administrators for bigger scale issues contact the founder. Our Approach Guides/Practice We’re looking to enhance our members to achieve their goals whenever they wanted to, from guides pve or pvp practice. Clan events/prizes Organising endgame activity’s, clan tournaments and other clan events to sustain the clan prizes that will handout on winning a clan tournament. Alliances/BEYOND Objective We’re currently seeking out contact with other clans that align with ours, this will benefit both groups due to many issues that clans are dealing with. Timezones, Inactivity and clan purpose/definition. Discord/Requirement Our requirement is to join our discord server, we prioritize this over any other communication platform. Active/Clan Improvements We’re open to improve the clan whenever its needed smaller scale improvements days, for bigger improvements months/year. Ideas can be passed on Awareness/Acknowledgment no new content means an decrease of player activity in this clan. without a doubt, we try our best to increase the clan member count each season.



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