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postato inizialmente in:Clan Finder
2/28/2023 7:37:47 PM


[b]Hi everyone! We are The Light's Legacy, and we are currently looking for new members to join us for Lightfall. LEGACY GAMING is our online community of gamers from all corners of the world. Founded in 2017, the aim was and remains to this day, to be an outer haven away from the troubles and stresses of everyday life. Hopefully we can be the online family you might be looking for...[/b] [quote]-We take great pride in being one of the biggest and oldest global clans in Destiny 2 -A close-knit community. we are open to absolutely anyone who wishes to join; no initiations. -Completely, 120% all gender & LGBTQ+ supportive. As long as you love games, there is a place for you. -We use Discord as our hub to communicate and chat, but not mandatory. -Founded by D1 veterans, most of who started way back in the D1 beta -PvE and PvP, including Raids, dungeons, Crucible and Trials[/quote] [b]Joining The Light's Legacy is as easy as farming Glimmer. Simply: 1- Give us an upvote on this post if you can. Helps us a bunch. 2- Feel free to hop onto our Discord if you like: 3- Click the link below to join our clan:[/b] [i]The future of Destiny is looking remarkable and we want you to be a part of it with us. Come Guardians, time to grab some loot![/i]



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