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Modificato da Chrashy: 2/23/2022 5:45:16 AM

[Global] [X-Plat] [100+ Members] Ghost Chasers

Main Clan: Ghost Chasers Sister Clan: Ghost Chaserz Legion Follow instructions, or your application will be denied. Hey, thanks for checking out our thread! Ghost Chaserz are now looking for active players to join our community in-game for the activities that Destiny has to offer! What can we offer you? - A community with diverse playing times, to ensure that you can get a team to do stuff no matter where you are in the world! - Patient, knowledgeable players, who are willing to help you out/ get that first raid clear/ finish your weekly Nightfalls/ Desecrate your foes in trials! - We all use the same communication platform (Discord) so that it is easier to pull a team together, or have a conversation with other members of the clan. - Monthly activity checks, to make sure that they community remains an active one, we remove those that have been inactive to make way for recruits who plan on staying with us in the long term, rather than the short term. - Active Legion Members will be brought over to the Main Clan based on interest and available space. If you feel that this is the clan for you, than please read below. We are largely interested in getting some players in that play around the UK/EU time zones, to help relish out the community on that side of the world a bit within the clan. (Please don't hesitate to apply if you live outside those zones though, we'll have you on board, ESPECIALLY if you have awkward working hours, and find it difficult to get what you need doing in the week)! Requirements in order to join: Upvote this post. :) You MUST login to the Discord server, at: Discord: Call for @Admin or @Officer and someone will assist you. Request to join at this link (Must have joined Discord for Approval): -Admin- Chrashy Craftywollstone Sid The Science Kid FlashGambit91



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