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Discussioni su Destiny.
10/10/2014 3:49:28 PM

I wish I was as "cool" as some of you

So I came to the conclusion that it must be cool to hate on Destiny and everything in the game. I feel that it is the new Coldplay and Nickleback. I love the game for what it is, and how I "earn" or don't "earn" my gear. I play how I want and so should everyone else who cares how people get their gear. If I see an item that I would like to have I'm going to buy it. That's how it works in the real world if you want something and you have enough money you buy it. Destiny is proof of this, you wanted the game so you bought it, for most of us, we did not wait for it to be gifted to us. Does that make us less special then someone you got it as a gift? No of course not.



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